Through the glass


Solo exhibition 01/19 – 02/02 Galleria Via Larga, Florence
Experimental book

Unlike other windows that divide the world on inside and outside, which simultaneously serves to open the walls of the houses, but at the same time, to hide the inner space, our window doesn’t project the thought in the distance, instead it reflects it back to the insides of being. Like the darkened side of a mirror doesn’t let no sounds, no words, no movements in…

In this piece, which represents the beginning of a series of works about Istanbul, Željka Mićanović discusses the concept of the city as the urban constellation, either if it’s in terms of architecture, personal feelings or the way its portrayed in literature; all with the intention to present reality, as well as the difficulties of modern life in Istanbul. She creates a hybrid of real and imagined, text and texture of the urban space (…)