Having been inspired by the diverse cultural landscapes, I sought to gather the traces of the cities that I lived in and represent them through art. With that thought in mind, the constant state of moving from city to city became my never-ending source of inspiration. Born in Tuzla (Jugoslavia), moved to Belgrade, lived in Macerata and Rome, then Athens, Istanbul and Ankara. Now settled in Zurich. This is how Atelier ZeM was born as a home of the finest handmade art, based in Switzerland.

The Brand name is inspired by the French word j’aime / zem / which phonetically means I love … The brand represents the love for traveling, interconnecting diverse cultures and creating story-telling artworks – a little bit enigmatic, deeply intimate, but always full of love and lightness.

Some are small and precious, others massive yet subtle, but no two Atelier ZeM’s jewelry pieces are ever the same. Each one is an individual for itself made to be your special partner in all of your daily adventures.


By using diverse lingoes and styles of lettering, Atelier ZeM’s paper artworks speak the language of love.

Their main goal is to evoke the senses and celebrate life while breaking cultural barriers.

At first sight, they may look alike, but each Atelier ZeM’s ceramic piece tells an authentic story with a mission to bring lightness to your home and your heart. Look carefully, as you will see diverse imprints and inspiring notes written with love.

Atelier ZeM is the home of delicate, gentle yet powerful unique creations of art, jewelry and porcelain.