Istanbul: a view from the window


Solo exhibition 05/26 – 09/01 The Residence of Princess Ljubica, Belgrade
Experimental book / Video / Drawings / Installation / Polaroid photos

More than just topographic or critical notes, these works introduce us to the sphere of Željka’s personal research about urban space and his, apparently (but only apparently) absurd, accidental moments, casual sketches that convey the rich emotional world of the artist.

I discovered Istanbul in the Museum of innocence, a love story about the tiniest museum trifles, dear trifles that a man and a woman exchange under the city’s vast sky, on the sofa of the two continents. In reality, one cannot get acquainted with Istanbul more than this, since it is comprised of an ancient spirit, a depiction, an outline of the city that to each individual appears the way he or she feels it…