Fifth window, The Realm Of My Childhood


Solo exhibition 06/17 – 08/01 International studio “Ismet Mujezinović”, Tuzla
Solo exhibition 08/07 – 08/28Yunus Emre Enstitüsü, Mostar
Experimental book / Video / Drawings

In experimental book “The Realm Of My Childhood” artist uses graphics, painting techniques and photographs, which is a constant process of creating new spaces by returning to the rudimetal.

Title “The Fifth Window” can be understood as a metaphorical window that stands beyond four walls, one that allows the view to spaces lying in between. Among the pages, In between the thoughts, on the intersection of media, in private corners that are being opened by reflection and the most secretive parts of the cities. Returning to Tuzla represents the comeback to the “The Realm of my Childhood”, place where the author is born. It is the process that resembles the Joyce’s “A portrait of an Artist as the Young Man”, where he describes five periods of life that his character is facing. Tuzla is the most important place, “the belly of an artist”, and a first window that, through time gathers with Belgrade, Rome, Ankara and Istanbul, the five most significant cities where she was shaping her identity. The balance of ongoing work is the result of 24 year long exploration, either by introspection of Self or extraception of her surroundings. The missing project returns to Tuzla, its arche-place and explores new meanings, reveals how the one created realm was appearing and reappearing, changing both dialects and dialectics. Merging the graphics, image and old photos, this process shows the way in which the author is treating experimental book as a media: upgrading her work trough constant return to the rudimental.